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What began as a tiny dream in Bikaner, is today one of the most savoured brands across India and the world. Way back in 1982, Haldiram’s set up its first shop in Delhi and there was no looking back as crowds trickled in hordes to taste its exquisite ran.

Haldiram the ultimate name to tickle your taste buds!

The word of mouth came in handy and in a decade’s time, it blossomed into an entity synonymous with taste, hygiene and innovation. Taking its tradition a few notches higher into the new century, Haldiram’s symbolized India’s passion for taste, packed just right. Wholeheartedly unifying the palates of India with sweets, salts, spices and everything, it made Indian taste buds longing for more.

Today the name is not just a ritual, but a way of life for the Indians. Globally too, Haldiram’s is fast growing to be worldwide phenomenon. Setting sail across boundaries, USA was the first market Haldiram’s started exporting to, thanks to the large Indian population out there. The pioneering export saga of 15 products today stands impressive as it exports more than 50 wide-tasting products across the globe. As a million dollar brand, brand Haldiram’s is a familiar sight on shelves across US, UK and the Middle East.

Flooding the shelves of major supermarkets like Tesco, Sommerfield, Sipneys and Carrefore, Haldiram’s ever impressive line-up of traditional Indian savouries and sweets to the internationally appealing chips, cookies, nuts and sherbets are fast capturing the imagination of the people the world over. With more penetration planned into East Europe, North Africa and various other countries, India’s favourite is on its way in becoming a world-wide favourite.

With exports scaling millions and a sustainable growth rate of 35% planned over the years, Haldiram’s has invested considerably in advanced processing and packaging unit, enabling it to marry tradition with technology. The group duly plans to leverage its equity in the domestic and international markets in order to become a food corporation with branded products and fast food retail chains. The group’s ethos may date back to vintage India, but with its professional outlook, it very well represents the progressive face of Indian economy.

All with a belief that only with an unwavering focus on maintaining the true taste of India goes a long way in success.

Snacks for e.g. Khatta Metha (50 varieties and 3 packing sizes 200gms, 400gms and 1kg), Ready to Eat for e.g. Dal Makhni (18 varieties, packing size of 300gms), Cookies (8 varieties and 2 packing sizes of 75 gms and 300gms), Can sweets e.g. Rasgulla (7 varieties and packing of 1kg), Dry Sweets e.g. Soan Papri (5 varieties and 3 packing sizes of 250gms, 500gms and 1kg), Syrups e.g. Badam (8 varieties and 750 ml packing), Papad (4 varieties and packing of 200gms) and Fresh sweets e.g. Kaju burfee