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Refresh yourself this summer with Alanna’s ‘Mist’ical collection!



Refresh yourself this summer with Alanna’s ‘Mist’ical collection!


Alanna, a 100% Vegan and Natural skin care brand brings 2 unique face mists to beat the summer heat. The mists bring flower power in a bottle and are available in 2 variants that include Rose and Grape Seed Face Mist & Lavender and Mint Face Mist.

During summer, the skin deals with harsh sun, sweat and dirt that gets settled on the skin. It is thus essential to not just hydrate and refresh your skin from time to time but also safeguard it from the harshness it deals with. Alanna’s face mist brings with it a bottle full of benefits that not just hydrates the skin and locks in the hydration. You can also use it to set make up. The mists are 100% natural and vegan thus ensuring your skin is exposed to nature’s friendliest ingredients. The mists are water-based and contain natural oils and fruit extracts that nourish your skin on every spray while leaving your skin revived. Summer often causes heat rashes and redness on skin too. Alanna’s face mist encapsulates nature’s best healing agents that will sooth summers harsh effects down.

What makes the product stand out amongst its peers is that it comes in handy bottles and is sensibly priced at INR.250 only making it an obvious must have for everyday use.

Instantly hydrate your skin in just 2 sprays of Alanna’s face mist anywhere anytime and stay refreshed during the season.


About Rose and Grapeseed Face Mist - The Rose and grapeseed face mist is Affluent with sweetly perfumed Rose essential oil, Grape seed oil and Rose water, this mist cools down the skin, tones it and revives its freshness and plumpness. It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, giving it a fresh look, pushing away the tired, dull skin. Affluent with antioxidant properties, it strengthens skin cells, regenerating new tissues. And the aroma is an added incentive that enhances your mood. Affluent with rose essential oils and grape seed oils, it is the ideal infusion of natural ingredients to keep dry skin hydrated for long hours. It is also effective in restoring the skin’s original pH balance along with adding a layer of protection on the surface of the skin by tightening the cells gaps which further reduces the chances of the penetration of impurities into the skin pores. Since it is loaded with oils, it is clearly effective to bind moisture into the skin, thus keeping away tautness with dull, tired skin and gracing a refreshed and plumped look. The invigorating aroma enhances your mood which is an added incentive. Rose Water acts as a cooling agent for the skin. Grapeseed oil is affluent with antioxidants properties, it strengthens the skin cells and rose essential oil has excellentemollient properties for moisturizing dry skin. The face mist is cooling and refreshing for the skin. Can be used as a makeup settler and a toner as well.


About Lavender and Mint Face Mist- Lavender extracts blended with mint extracts in this face mist boosts the skin pores making it appear lively and cleansed.  It also constitutes of antioxidants that brighten up the skin and wakes the worn out and exhausted skin, giving you an instant glow. Lavender oils blended with mint makes it ideal for the treatment of skin damaged due to acne and blemishes. The organic extracts in the mist are cleansing which further boosts up the pores of the skin making it look clear and lively. The exotic lavender infusion is composed of rich antioxidants that wakes up the exhausted skin cells and further brightens it up. The Lavender extracts act as refreshing and cooling agent for your skin. Spearmint contains therapeutic properties and Jojoba oil acts as moisturizing agent for soft and supple skin. The Face mist is great for combination skin, helps stop sweating. Can be used as a toner and a makeup settler.


Like all Alanna products, the range is curated keeping the unique needs of Indian skin in mind. Like all Alanna products, the mists too are FDA and PETA Approved and are Sulphate-free, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free making them 100% Natural and Vegan.


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Lavender Mint Face Mist by Alanna contains lavender, spear mint and jojoba oil which gives cooling and soothing effect, helps stop sweating, and has therapeautic properties and can be used as make up settler and tonerRose & Grapeseed Face Mist by Alanna contains rosewater,rose essential oil which gives cooling, refreshing effects, has antioxidants and strenghthens cells of skin,has emollient properties for dry skin