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Experience the luxury of Ayurveda with Alanna’s 100%vegan & natural range of Shower Gels



Experience the luxury of Ayurveda with Alanna’s 100%vegan & natural range of Shower Gels

100 % Natural | 100% Vegan


100% natural and vegan skin-care brand Alanna launches a refreshing line of shower gels with the goodness of Coconut, Amla and Reetha extracts. Coconut derivatives act as an anti- oxidant serum and also slows down the ageing process whereas Amla and Reetha contains damage repairing properties that nourishes the skin and also act as a natural lathering agent.

The soothing range of shower essentials is crafted from herbs, fruits and flower extracts sourced from the lap of Mother Nature. It is available in three exotic variants including Sandal Vetiver for tanned and oily skin, Jasmine orange for all skin types and Lavender Mint for dry skin. The brand refrains from the use of artificial fragrances deriving its scintillating aroma solely from essential oils that make your bathing ritual a sensory experience.

Sandal Vetiver for Oily & Tanned Skin–The formulation of Sandalwood blended with Vetiver radiates an earthy and spicy fragrance that relaxes your senses while also hydrates the skin by enhancing its moisture reception capacity. Sandalwood brings with it rich anti-tanning properties and when combined with vetiver, amla reetha and coconut oil  it works effectively on tanned as well as oily skin.

Jasmine Orange for Normal Skin/All Skin Types- Vitamin C rich Alanna’s Jasmine Orange Shower Gel is an apt choice for your daily bathing ritual. Orange actively fights the signs of aging like wrinkles and dark-spots and enhances the production of collagen where as fresh petals of Jasmine makes the skin feathery soft. This unique concoction acts a power-booster to the skin thus uplifting its appearance.

Lavender Mint for dry skin – Dry Skin requires extra care and it is thus essential that the shower gel helps in balancing skin’s moisture level while removing dirt without being too harsh on it.  Alanna’s Lavender Mint Shower Gel brings with it a cooling sensation of peppermint oil combined with moisturizing elements of coconut derivatives and anti-aging properties of lavender extracts. It detoxifies your skin while getting rid of dead cells and retains its natural moisture. This blend is perfect during winters and it keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day.

The range is curated keeping the unique needs of Indian skin in mind. Like all Alanna products, the shower gels too are FDA and PETA Approved and are Sulphate-free, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free making them 100% Natural and Vegan.

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Shower Gel crafted with the goodnes of Lavender and soothing peppermint for dry skin type by AlannaShower gel curated using the earthiness of sandwal mixed with calm fragrance of vetiver for oily and tanned skin by AlannaTingling oranges infused with aromatic jasmine in the shower gel curated for all skin types by Alanna