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Alanna reveals the latest edition of 100% natural hand pounded scrubs for your everyday beauty regime



Alanna reveals the latest edition of 100% natural hand pounded scrubs for your everyday beauty regime


100 % Natural | 100% Vegan


Alanna, a 100% natural and vegan personal care brand launches 4 new variants of natural hand-pounded scrub that includes ‘Age no bar Almond’, ‘Calming’, ‘Detox’ and ‘Anti-Blemish’. The range is infused with natural oils that moisturize your skin while virgin microbeads exfoliate the dead cells. Made with the goodness of essential oils extracted from finest quality flowers and herbs like Lavender, Sunflower, Geranium and Lemongrass mixed with the healing properties of grounded almonds, Himalayan rock salt, Dead-sea salt, Arabica coffee and caramel, the collection is a composition of nature’s deepest secrets put together.


Exfoliating is an essential routine for an effective skin-care regime as it removes excess oil, dead-skin, dirt and impurities making your skin soft and supple. Unlike the chemical-based products that give your skin a temporary-high, the nourishing natural ingredients of Alanna’s scrubs get easily absorbed by the pores enabling intense-repair.


The 4 variants are distinctively beneficial for 4 unique skin care requirements. Age No Bar Almond Scrub for Dry and dull skin, Calming - for sensitive to aging skin, Detox – for acne-prone skin and Anti-Blemish –for blemish and pigmentations.


Age No Bar for oily to combination skin - As the name suggests, the scrub combats various signs of ageing, promoting skin health.  Almond Powder, one of the key ingredients, assists in skin regeneration, further cleansing skin pores and preventing acne. It can also help in treating ‘rosacea’, the small red bumps that occur. Having a nourishing and pleasing effect, Olive Oil induces the feeling of relaxation and gives relief from stress. It is also a very powerful and effective astringent that helps in protecting the skin cells from acne blemishes, lifting and tightening skin to naturally slow the signs of ageing.


Calming for sensitive to aging skin – Affluent with richest floral oils, the scrub is an exquisite blend for sensitive to dry skin. With the base of Himalayan rock salt, it helps to balance the oil production in the skin. Highly fragrant with actual Lavender oils, it smells overwhelmingly sweet and floral. Geranium essential oils are great for working upon reducing wrinkles and toning the muscles. Ylang-ylang oil also adds up to the floral scent besides Geranium oil that works as a wrinkle reducer and toner for younger looking skin.


Detox for acne-prone skin – Obtained from rich Coffee, Green tea and Sea salt, this scrub contains many natural cleansers. A perfect combination of these ingredients is ideal for cellulite reduction besides acne removal, pigmentation and extremely tanned skin. The integrant of the scrub are best for resulting into an unblemished skin.


Anti-Blemish for blemishes and pigmentations – Lemongrass is unique in the sense that it composes of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Having anti-microbial properties, it checks on bacterial growth and also acts as an astringent that constricts the skin. This further helps in minimizing the skin pores and limiting the oil secretion, providing a skin-firming treatment. It also fosters anti-pigmentation and retains natural skin glow.


The range is curated keeping the unique needs of Indian skin in mind. Like all Alanna products, the scrubs too are FDA and PETA Approved and are Sulphate-free, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free making them 100% Natural and Vegan.


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Almond rich Age No Bar scrub with goodness of Olive Oil for dry and dull skin by AlannaAnti Blemish Scrub based in Lemongrass for blemishes and pigmentation by AlannaCalming Scrub composed of exotic floral and Geranium oils based in Himalayan Rock Salt for sensitive to ageing skin by AlannaDetox Scrub enriched with coffee,green-tea & sea salt for acne-prone skin by Alanna