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Polaroid Eyewear


Polaroid Eyewear design and manufacture glare-free sunglasses with the highest level of UV protection possible and outstanding quality. 

It all started with a Harvard dropout.

In the mid 1920s, Edwin Land was a young and talented academic who dropped out from Harvard to pursue his dreams. As many other pioneers before him, he left for New York City. Lacking funds but bursting with ideas, he would sneak into a laboratory at Columbia University to use their equipment to validate his theories. He invented the fist inexpensive polarized film in New York before returning to Harvard. In 1929 Edward had his invention of modern filters to polarize light patented and went on to produce them for use in sunglasses, automobile headlights and photography. In 1937 he founded the Polaroid Corporation that gained fame through a landmark invention of the 20th century - the instant camera. The findings of Edwin Land still are the basis of how polarized lenses are manufactured by Polaroid Eyewear today.

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