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Nandos Restaurants in India. All discounts, deals, promotions, events, offers at Nandos. The name Nando's comes from Fernando, the name of one of the founders of the chain - Fernando Duarte. He and a friend, Robert Brozin, bought a restaurant called Chickenland in Rosettenville, near Johannesburg in 1987. This became the first Nando's restaurant, which incorporated influences by former Portuguese colonists from Mozambique, many of whom had settled on the south-eastern side of Johannesburg. As a result, Nando's is sometimes still referred to as Nando's Chickenland. Flame-Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken, Burgers, Wraps, Salads, Pittas, Designer drinks, Mocktails, Cocktails,Beer, Wine, Whisky, Vodka, Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian meals.

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