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Ghanasingh Be True

A brand par excellence, Ghanasingh Be True infuses vivacity to transformed Heirloom into Haute couture Bijoutier extraordinaire Gautam Ghanasingh of legendary jewelry brand Ghanasingh Be True and leading couturier Maheka Mirpuri, recently collaborated to launch an exclusive line of limited edition couture jewellery with the former providing the design sensibilities and the latter executing the same with their technical know-how. Taking forward his family’s legacy of over 108 years in the jewellery industry is dynamic, young entrepreneur Gautam Ghanasingh .Being the youngest creative director in the industry, Gautam earns a double whammy by winning the Best Couture Jewellery Award @ 9th Retail Jeweller Awards 2013 and launching brand’s latest venture ‘Maheka Mirpuri for Ghanasingh Be True’: a collection of limited edition couture jewellery. Celebrating 108 years, Ghanasingh BE TRUE takes the brand from Heirloom to Haute Couture retaining the heritage and values of a family jeweller by taking on a modern and solid brand identity.

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