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Flight 4 Fantasy

Flying a plane is one of the most desired, but unfulfilled dream that most have. Live your dream in any of our high precision flight simulators. Flight 4 Fantasy is the First and only Flight Simulation Experience Zone, providing an experience of virtual flying to non-pilots.

We look forward to welcoming you On Board to India’s most Realistic Entertainment Centre!

Flight 4 Fantasy offers its guests realistic flight simulators, where they experience flying different types of aircrafts such as a Boeing 737, Cessna and Fighter Jets.

Who says entertainment is only for kids and cannot be realistic? Be it a 10 year old dogfighting on a fighter jet to a 50 year old navigating a large commercial Boeing 737, Flight 4 Fantasy has an offering for all age groups.  Assisted by trained instructors, who are licensed commercial pilots, the guests get a first-hand experience of sitting in, and operating, the realistic flight simulators.  No prior flying experience required and an opportunity to fulfill an eternal dream of all humans!

The Experience Zone has 3 different flight simulators, each offering a unique and varied experience:

Boeing 737
This is a 1:1 scale simulator of the Boeing 737 and provides the thrills of flying a realistic Commercial Jet Plane.
The guests take control and are the Pilot of the 737 aircraft. The simulator offers an option to be able to take off and land at more than 20,000 Airports around the world. Under the guidance of trained instructors, each session is unique with a choice of airports, weather conditions and flying at different times of the day. The person who is flying can be accompanied by a guest, who can view the entire experience from within the cockpit.

Cessna 172S
For those wanting to try their manual flying skills, the Cessna simulator is just the right option. The Cessna is a general aviation aircraft, which is generally used for pilot training and joy rides. In this simulator the guests can fly low and enjoy the cityscapes while experiencing visual flying.
Fighter Jets
Speed thrills! Even more when seated on a 4D Fighter jet simulator, with spellbinding 3D surround visuals accentuated by 3 axis motion. Dogfights, aerial combat, air-to-air refueling or an assisted approach landing – this simulator leaves the user spoilt for choices.

Apart from the simulation experiences, the Experience Zone also offers niche flight simulation products to enthusiasts and customized solutions to clients desirous of setting up their own flight simulators for recreational, aspirational or training purposes.

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