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Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf brings you a pure-vegetarian South Indian feast. A tranquil & mouth-watering journey through the South of India. Capturing the sights, aromas, and the very ethos of South Indian hospitality; Banana Leaf welcomes you to pure culinary 'nirvana'. A dining experience that's as much about 'taste', as it is about all your other senses... complete, fulfilling, enchanting.

At the entrance, be greeted by a Green Ganesha, fashioned in the 'banana leaf' motif. Enter a generous, well appointed space and take in the aroma of the sandalwood incense. Be seated at the simple tables, upon typical South Indian styled wood & 'chatai' chairs. As you peel through the exhaustive menu, enjoy also, the beautiful South themed wall hangings & the running caricature of RK Narayan's famed Malgudi town! Notice the temple at the far end of the corner, a resplendent reproduction of the famous 'Minakshi Temple'. As subtle Carnatic instruments fill the air with divinity, say a little prayer. For any South Indian, its a home-coming. For anyone else, its a visit down South. For everyone, its simply enchanting!

Authenticity & diversity – the two cornerstones of the Banana Leaf culinary experience. An unimaginable array of vegetarian delights from every nook & corner of the South of India; perfect for a four course feast, and just as flexible for a light & quick power bite!

Sample this for the main meal - A Soup section that offers the most appropriate start with the Thakalli Kotamlli Rasam, playful, naughty, perfect. A truly innovative starter like the Idli Gassi, a Mangalorian house specialty. On to the enticing flavors of the Malabar style 'Avyal', accompanied by the choicest 'Appam' & 'Neer Dosa'. And balancing the strong flavors can be the mild manner of the delicious Karnataka origin curd-rice, Bissi Bele Bhaath. End on the customary sweet note, with the yummy traditional 'Adrasam'.
For the Power Bite - A host of authentic and more well known snack items from Idlis to Dosas await you, along with the promise of stimulating conversation over the perfectly prepared cup of South Indian Filter Coffee.

With never-before seen speciality dishes from the interiors of South India, to the variety & novelty the South Indian Master Chef infuses into the food; Banana Leaf serves it up unlike any other. Fresh, genuine, enchanting!