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The first “Buddha-bar” in the world was opened in 1996 in Paris. The concept and the idea belong to Raymond Visan. Until now the glamorous Buddha’s residence not only hasn’t lost its popularity but got brilliant twins in the largest cities of the world: Dubai, Beirut, Cairo. In 2008

“Buddha-bar” appeared in Kiev.

Permanent customers of “Buddha-bar”, no matter in what part of the world it is, are Rod Stewart, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Cameron Dias, Jennifer Lopez and many other world-known celebrities. In 2008 “Buddha-bar” lounge-restaurants opened their doors for guests not only in Kiev, but also in Prague, London and Jakarta.

In every country the interior of “Buddha-bar” always meets some particular conditions: presence of a huge Buddha’s statue, original chandeliers and marvelous artifacts. The cuisine also corresponds to the general standard which is Asian Fusion tune. Though the cuisine of “Buddha-bar” in Kiev is adapted for Europe – it is less spicy.

All the dishes in the menus of “Buddha-bar” lounge-restaurants are approved by the management and the chef of “Buddha-bar” in Paris. Absolutely all the lounge-restaurants of “Buddha-bar” network keep to their traditions. One of them is “Family concept”, which means that all guests are offered to place the ordered dishes in the middle of the table in order to share them with their company. Usually customers don’t stay for a long time at their table, they leave it after dinner and go to the lounge-area Mezzanine to enjoy the magical atmosphere listening to the original DJ tracks.

In every restaurant of the network you can find your own island of seclusion, comfort and hospitality. Kiev lounge-restaurant “Buddha-bar” completely corresponds to all the demands of the world “Buddha-bar” network, though it is much larger than all the other restaurants (1400 sq. m), it has more than 350 persons capacity. The main distinction which differs Kiev “Buddha-bar” from its twins is three level premises – restaurant, bar and lounge-area Mezzanine, and also a VIP-zone with a unique view of the Buddha statue.

Kiev “Buddha-bar” hosts the brightest events of the year and is considered to be the favorite party place of the show-business stars and the business elite.